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About PooleMcKinley

History of the Firm
Van Poole and Will McKinley began their working relationship decades ago. Van and Will have worked together in the Legislature, leadership positions at Florida state agencies, the Republican Party of Florida, and established their first private lobbying practice in 1993. And now, PooleMcKinley is a leader in government and business consulting in Florida and the South East.

Government and Business Consulting
With a solid background in local, state, and national politics, as well as a significant private sector experience, PooleMcKinley has developed an association with elected officials and their staff, as well as state agencies and political parties. Our high degree of success is due to our experience, dedication and personal attention to each and every client. This ensures that our clients' needs are met both with the legislative and executive branch of government and that they do not suffer competitive disadvantages.

Lobbying – Legislative and Executive Branches of Florida Government
PooleMcKinley helps clients develop strategies to frame the public policy debate in order to create favorable results for our clients. The firm guides clients to define policy positions, craft persuasive messages and educate policy makers who can advance the client's agenda. Additional services include, but are not limited to, tracking bills and monitoring hearings of interest. Poole and McKinley also helps secure government contracts by identifying opportunities and guiding their clients through the procurement process.



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